Advisory Base Flood Elevations (ABFEs)

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy New Jersey's shores will be quickly re-built.  While it is important to restore the coastline it is also important to make the coasts stronger for the future.  Guidance for the re-building of our shores is needed and ABFEs will assist in furnishing a set of standards that will make those communities safer.

ABFEs are are set to be released for the State throughout December as quickly as they can be developed.

The NJAFM has provided a letter in support of ABFEs to FEMA.  Please read the letter HERE.

FEMA has provided a powerpoint presentation and webinars to educate on ABFEs.  Click HERE for their powerpoint.  The NJAFM has also provided a two page document explaining what the ABFEs are and what they mean for the communities that will be receiving them.  Please read this document HERE.

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