Preparing for the Impacts of a Changing Climate on Public Health in New Jersey: A Workshop for Public Health Practitioners in New Jersey

Thursday, March 31, 2016 4:23 PM | Greg Westfall (Administrator)

June 3, 2016 • 8:30 AM -1:00 PM James. J. Florio Special Events Forum at the Rutgers University Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy 33 Livingston Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ 08825  

Climate change presents serious challenges to public health in New Jersey as well as in the United States and around world. The multidimensional impacts of projected climate change include direct health effects of more frequent, intense, and longer-lasting heat waves that also worsen risks of drought, wildfire, and air pollution risks; increasing heavy rain events, more intense storms, and changes in precipitation patterns that lead to drought and ecosystem changes, and rising sea levels that intensify coastal flooding and storm surge. The workshop will provide an overview of how a changing climate may affect human health, the latest research on public health implications of climate change, and leading efforts around the U.S. to prepare public health professionals and agencies to address impacts from climate change. A panel of New Jersey public health practitioners will discuss challenges and opportunities and lay out possible next steps for action in New Jersey.  Find the Conference website at:

For further information go to:  ClimateandPublicHealth.pdf

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