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NJAFM Members and Guests,

Hurricane Sandy has come and gone, leaving a trail of devastation in her wake. While many New Jerseyans have experienced the ferocity of coastal storms before, Sandy's wrath was unprecedented. In many areas, storm surge, flooding and wave damages were more extensive than anything we have encountered in recorded history. The resulting impacts to people and property are heart-wrenching, and the thoughts and prayers of the New Jersey Association for Floodplain Management (NJAFM) are with our coastal “family” during this dire time.

The NJAFM Hurricane Sandy web page provides links to important information that will assist in the understanding of the storm impacts and the ongoing response and recovery efforts. The page includes links to storm data, post-storm aerial photographs, policy papers, NJAFM testimony and other relevant information. This page is a work in progress and will be updated frequently as new information becomes available.  The other areas of the site still function as they previously have.

Please contact if you have specific requests for information or if you have useful information and/or data that you would like us to consider adding to this web page.  We want to hear from you and will assist in anyway we can.

We will recover from this devastating storm and NJAFM will make every effort to ensure that this recovery is based on sound floodplain management and hazard mitigation practices.

Heidi Hoppe, Chair


New Jersey Association For Floodplain Management
P.O. Box 1326 Trenton, New Jersey 08607

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